thank you!! Im in love with the new me and part of this is because you are helping me 🥰.

-Lucy L.

All I can say is that it's a journey, everyday presents challenges to overcome and the more weight I lose the more I have to think about myself as not that fatty still standing in the mirror. But im beginning to feel better physically, so thats my focus and my ultimate goal. To physically feel better. Thank you so much for helping me with my journey Dr. Secil Shodroski! It really is for the better.


Thank you Dr Secil and her team, for my weight journey has been very rewarding. I'm down over 71 lbs

- Dunyal

unnamed (1)

After losing more than 50 pounds, I feel better, and can hardly wait for the weekends to go out and have fun. Thank you to Dr. Secil and her team at The Health & Wellness Center.


...Well with the HCG, I saw results the next day. After my first shot, I lost one pound that first day. The first three days are load days, so with me eating the way I was and I still lost a pound was awesome... It is an individualized journey and it will be well worth it if you stick to the path. I am truly thankful for the experience.


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